May A Mobile Notary Notarize A Document From A Different State Or Country?

July 12th, 2017 Comment

Notarizing Out Of State Documents From Wherever You Are

Mobile Notaries are allowed to notarize out-of-state or out of country documents that are sent and/or recorded across state borders. It does not matter where the documents will be recorded as long as the notarial act is conducted within the geographical boundaries of the Notary’s state of commission.

When notarizing an out-of-state document, the mobile notary public will check the certificate to ensure the state and county listed in the venue section accurately reflects the state in which the notarial act will take place. Some certificates may have this information pre-filled with information reflecting state of origin. If the customer brings the documents across state lines, the notary public will change the information in the venue section, crossing through with one strike and entering the appropriate state and county where the documents are physically being signed, followed by initials.