For a Person Who Signs a Document Written in Foreign Language

November 23rd, 2018 Comment

For a person who is signing a document written in a foreign language not understood by the notary.

As a notary, we are not responsible for the contents of the document, but we need to exercise caution in this situation, by following these recommendations by the State. Such as:

■ Make sure that the notary can communicate verbally with the document signer or that a qualified, trustworthy translator is present.

■ Determine, if possible, that the document is complete.

■ Check the document for a notarial certificate.  If the document does not have a notarial certificate, the document signer must direct the notary to apply the notarial act, proceed by adding the correct certificate and completing the notarization.  If the signer does not know which notarial certificate he/she wants to apply, the notary must refuse to notarize. Samples of notarial certificates.

■ Complete the notarial certificate in English.  If the notary certificate is not in English, and the signer does not permit for the notary to write it in English, then the notary may not notarize.