For A Person Who Signs With An “X”

Occasionally, a notary public may be asked to notarize the signature of a person who signs with a mark.  The person may be illiterate or may have a physical disability which prohibits him or her from signing in the customary manner.


■ The notary public may question the signer to make sure that he or she understands the nature and effect of the document to be signed.  If the person is illiterate, the notary public will read the document to him or her.  If the person does not understand, the notary public will refer him or her to their attorney for legal advice and the notary public will not proceed with the notarization.


■ The notary public will ask for proper identification.


■ When performing the appropriate notarial act: the notary public will administer an oath or take an acknowledgment.


■ Before the person signs the document, the notary public will print his or her first name at the beginning of the signature line and the last name at the end of the line.  Just below the line, the notary will print the words “His Mark” or “Her Mark.”

Then, the notary public will ask the person to make his or her mark on the designated line.


■ Two uninterested persons must witness the signing of the document and the notarization and that their names and addresses be clearly printed under their signatures.