How do I apostille a document in Florida?

January 18th, 2019 Comment

Our Company Does Not Apostille Documents, Nor Does It Assist In Handling The Apostille Request.


For a document that is leaving the USA to a foreign country, a document may be required to be apostilled.


Each state designates a Competent Authority who issues an apostille for a public document.  The Florida Secretary of State is the Competent Authority in Florida.  Only the Competent Authority can issue an apostille.


They will examine the document to make sure that the Notary Public who notarized the document, was an actively commissioned notary public, at the time of notarizing the document.  Once confirmed, the State Office will stamp/seal/emboss your document, and mail it back to you for your handling.

The Instructions Below Are Only Applicable To Documents That WERE Notarized Within Florida Boundaries


Where To File: