How do I apostille a document in Florida?

January 18th, 2019 Comment

How to File:

Complete the Department of State’s Apostille and Notarial Certificate Request Form.

Enclose the document to be authenticated or certified.  Documents must be submitted with original signatures; a photocopy of an original cannot be authenticated.  The Florida Department of State cannot apostille or issue notarial certification for any document(s) that is/are issued by anyone other than a Florida notary or elected or appointed official.

A self-addressed stamped envelope with the requestor’s name and address listed as both sender and recipient; OR
A pre-paid, pre-addressed air bill with requestor’s name and address listed as both sender and recipient.

Include payment.
Mail application, documentation, and payment to the Division of Corporations’ Apostille Section.

$10.00 per document; OR
$20.00 per document, for documents certified by any Clerk of the Court for any county in Florida when requesting an apostille. ($10 for Apostille; $10 for Certificate of Incumbency.)

Submit a check or money order payable to the Florida Department of State.

All checks must be issued in U.S. currency drawn from a U.S. bank.
***They do not accept cash or credit cards.

Submit form, document(s), prepaid self-addressed envelope or air bill, and payment(s) to:

Mailing Address

Division of Corporations

ATTN: Apostille Section

P.O. Box 6800

Tallahassee, FL 32314-6800