I Don’t Have A Valid Photo ID, Can You Still Notarize?

July 11th, 2016 Comment

2 Credible Witnesses Affidavit = Human ID Card

There are ONLY eight states that permit the use of two credible witnesses. They are CaliforniaDelawareFloridaGeorgiaMississippiNebraskaNew Mexico and Virginia.

Occasionally, a notary is asked to notarize the signature of a person who does not have a valid I.D., or cannot obtain acceptable identification. This most often occurs when the person is an elderly person, a minor child, or a person with a disability.  The notary laws provide additional methods of identifying the signer:

With this method, 2 witnesses, with acceptable identification, and who personally know the signer and who have no interest in the foregoing documents may vouch for the signers identity by signing and swearing under oath that the signer is the person he/she claims to be. When using this method of identification, it is a good practice to have the witnesses also sign the document being notarized.  Keep in mind that these provisions are for the purpose of identifying certain people who do not have other identification and do not replace the “presence” requirement. The person whose signature is being notarized must be present at the time of the notarization accompanied by the 2 witnesses.