This has been prepared for notaries about the laws governing their duties and is not intended as legal advice. For additional information or for difficult situations, it may be advisable for you or your customer to seek the advice of a licensed attorney.

A trust or trust amendment must be signed by the settlor in the presence of two attesting witnesses and those witnesses must themselves sign the trust or trust amendment in the presence of the settlor and each other.

The notary does not have the responsibility of furnishing two witnesses for the execution of this document, however, upon special request you may hire additional witnesses from our company.

A notary can play an essential role in making sure that the document is credible, if any dispute arises regarding the validity of the signers signature.

Notary publics serve an important role, which is to verify the identity of someone who signs an agreement and attesting to that person’s signature. ┬áIf a person contests the trust, and argues that the document was invalid, coerced or for any other reason, notarization can prove that the person signing the document was competent, able, and voluntarily signed this powerful document.